collinsc 16:55 28 Jan 08

My friend says that if he uses his outlook on 'computer A' he can see some emails, but if he looks on 'computer B' he cant find them.
The PC will be on the same floor and network.

What might be the problem?


  PalaeoBill 17:26 28 Jan 08

Unless he uses something like exchange server, he will be unable to do this.
Early versions of Office, I think 2000 and earlier, allowed network sharing but the later versions do not.

Your friend does have a number of options though. There are freeware and retail products that can do what he wants.
click here

click here

Another option is to have a second mail box, many ISP's allow you to have more than one mail box. You configure the second PC with a sub-address (a different e-mail address to your primary e-mail address). Then you configure your account with your ISP to forward (copy) all incomming mail from the primary address to the sub-address so that all mail exists on both PC's.

  gazzacov 17:44 28 Jan 08

I am thinking of emigrating to Sky b/band but need to know if any normal pop/smtp emails work with then ok. Have had 2 years of problems with AOL, cannot send any mail using outlook or similar due to 'blocking' of port 25. Orange have the same problems, BT works ok, but very expensive. Have sky tv already, and a BT line, but really need to know if i can use outlook to access my domain emails and keep using them ok (Buisness name is the email so very important). Anybody there who could confirm this please?

  FreeCell 17:47 28 Jan 08

Please don't hijack other peoples threads. Open a new one of your own and then you will receive emails to warn you of responses.

  FreeCell 17:49 28 Jan 08

I presume your friend is using an office network that does have an Exchange Server as you mention "network and same floor". Any chance of a bit more information on the set up?

  gazzacov 17:53 28 Jan 08

ok, many apologies. Thats my first post on any board so still a bit unsure of protocols etc. Apologies!

  collinsc 18:12 28 Jan 08

You misunderstand...
he does not want it! But has this problem

What other info will be useful?

I think maybe it Is something to do with the folder be receives it.. Perhaps?

  FreeCell 21:00 28 Jan 08

CAn you confirm if the network does have a Microsoft Exchange server which handles all the emails. Separate PCs on the network will then access this server to allow a user to read their own email but those emails will remain on the server and not be downloaded into Outlook as a normal PC connected to a broadband ISP would.

What operating Systems are being used? Do you know what version of Outlook? Are any emails seen common to two PCs or is that from second no emails are visible?

  PalaeoBill 22:09 28 Jan 08

If your friend is on a work network with exchange server then he really needs to talk to the network administrator. Outlook can be configured so many different ways. I have one cient that has it configured to download e-mails from the the server to individual PC's, each user has their own PC. Other clients use a more typical setup where the e-mail remains on the server and users can log into any PC on the network to see their e-mails. Some use public folders, some use both public and private folders. The last thing an administrator will want is for your friend to mess with any outlook settings.

  collinsc 08:49 29 Jan 08

Yes - it is Miscrosoft Exchange Server
OS - Windows XP Professional
Outlook - likely to be 2003, SP2

The issue is with his public folders i assume.

"Are any emails seen common to two PCs or is that from second no emails are visible?"

some are visible i believe- just not ALL...!

Hope these details will provide you with something else to go on?

  FreeCell 12:19 29 Jan 08

Tend to agree with PaleoBill if there is a network admin available as messing with Outlook can cause a number of problems.

If it's just one PC that can't see all emails it may be a setting in the "Rules" options.

Worth investigating if it all emails in a particular folder or selected emails in the Inbox.

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