outlook 2007 will not reply to email with default

  jbam 21:35 02 Apr 08

When i try to reply to an email from the inbox, outlook 2007 does not choose the default account.

am i missing something obvious in the settings?

  DieSse 22:12 02 Apr 08

Replying normally uses the account the original mail was sent to.

I'm not familiar with Outlook 2007 - but there is normally a way of choosing which account you reply with, to overrule the one selected.

  jbam 22:47 02 Apr 08

It does not reply to the account the message was sent to.
I can overrule manualy but its not funny when you have to change it every time

  DieSse 01:52 03 Apr 08

"It does not reply to the account the message was sent to."

I don't understand you clearly - I said it normally replies from the account it was sent to.

What account is it using to send replies from, if it isn't the default account, and (assuming what I said), isn't the account it was sent to?

In Outlook2000 (which I have but don't use), when you use the pull-down arrow at the side of the send button, you can choose which account to send from.

If Outlook2007 is different, someone else will have to explain.

  DieSse 01:55 03 Apr 08

Try reading this solution to your, or a similar problem

click here

  jbam 08:16 03 Apr 08

When the email is sent to the default account, outlook will reply with any other email address but the one it was sent to.

I have 4 accounts set up.

  DieSse 08:56 03 Apr 08

OK - then perhaps the reasoning in the link I sent is correct - there's a problem with sending to the default account, so you get one of the others. The link suggests how to tackle the problem.

  jbam 18:04 03 Apr 08

The server responded: 550 Error: Message contents

  DieSse 19:23 03 Apr 08

550 Error: Message contents rejected

Commonly means the receiving server thinks it's spam.

Otherwise can you explain a bit more what you did to get that message.

  jbam 19:26 04 Apr 08

Went to accounts into default account. Test settings.

'the message The server responded: 550 Error: Message content'

  DieSse 20:57 04 Apr 08

Well we know why it's not using the default account then - it's because it gets an error back.

Now you have to find why you get the error.

The message seems truncated to me.

Can you confirm whether or not you can just send from your default account - as opposed to replying?

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