Outlook 2007 - toolbar/layout config will not save

  2drewej 23:23 17 Apr 08

Hi , ive just got outlook 2007 on my second computer and transferred my email profile (with all my emails etc) onto it.
Im trying to change the layout which i can do successfully , however as soon as i close the program and open it up again it just reverts back to the old layout for some reason....

is there any reason for this?


  rawprawn 08:08 18 Apr 08

Can you be more specific, Do you mean "Customize Outlook Today" or "To Do Bar" or what else?

  2drewej 10:12 18 Apr 08

well its basically the toolbars at the top of the screen,even if i click on 'delete toolbar' it still comes back after a restart, Also if i drag anything into 'favourite folders' the content still dissappears after a restarting outlook?

  rawprawn 11:14 18 Apr 08

Sorry I still don't understand, how can you click on "Delete Toolbar" or "Drag to Favourites" in Outllok 2007.
Perhaps I am being a bit thick this morning, but I just don't understand. Can you post a screen shot?

  2drewej 16:05 18 Apr 08

click here

ok i have taken a screenshot (see above link) the areas in red are the bits i am having trouble with.
im trying to remove the toolbars which i can do, but when i restart outlook they reappear again!

silmilar with the 'favourite folders', when i drag a folder in that section it will stay there, but when i restart outlook the contents dissappear.

thanks for youre help :)

  rawprawn 16:09 18 Apr 08

Try this, Right Click on the toolbar and Untick WEB and ADVANCED so that only STANDARD is ticked

  2drewej 16:34 18 Apr 08

thanks for the quick reply..

just tried that, which works (the toolbars dissppear) - but as soon as i restart outlook they reappear again!?

  rawprawn 16:54 18 Apr 08

OK, try Help > Office Diagnostics

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