Outlook 2007 Not responding

  TN 26 May 11

I have just set up a new computer to replace my old one: All OK except Outlook 2007. When this is opened and emails downloaded, as soon as I have read one email and move to the next one - Outlook Not Responding. No matter how long I wait for it to respond, it doesn't. At present I read an email and use Task Manager to stop Outlook - start again, read another email, not respond, go to Task Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programme: I've ran Repair all with no change. There seems to be lots of forums reporting this but no solutions: I am running a dual core computer, 1.5 TB hard disk and 8GB RAM so none of that should be a problem. I have Comodo firewall operating and have as a last resort switched that off with no solution. Please if anyone has even a slim chance of having a solution please let me know - as I am at my wit's end!!

  Woolwell 26 May 11

Did you transfer any pst files from the old system?

This problem could be caused by a corrupt pst file or profile. Do you have any add-ons running?

  TN 26 May 11

Have not transferred any files from old computer (Hard Disk was kaput so I couldn't!!) However I will try and move the .pst file from its normal location and let Outlook set up a new one - anything that has the slimmest chance I'll try!! Will keep you posted if successful.

  TN 26 May 11

Sorry this has not fixed the problem - even with new folder the Not Responding persists!

  Woolwell 26 May 11

New profile? Last resort?


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