Outlook 2003 Restoring .PST Files

  PAE 16:14 04 Jun 06

I need to reformat my HD, it's carrying too much dead weight, but I need to copy all my Outlook Files to the spare HD. I have tried archiving before but never managed to get the data out once it's gone in. I would appreciate 'An idiots guide' on the process to follow. I have downloaded Microsofts PFBACKUP file but not used it yet. Thanks

  Giant68 16:26 04 Jun 06

Export your inbox, contacts etc by using the import/export option under the file menu. Export each one as a csv file (windows) to your spare drive. Then when you have sorted out your HD just import them back again using the same process.


  powerless 16:32 04 Jun 06

There is an easier way...

Just copy the following file:

C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst

Asuming your on XP and you haven't custom named your *.pst file!

  Giant68 16:40 04 Jun 06


that's a lot quicker than my way, I must make a note of that for future reference.


  rawprawn 18:43 04 Jun 06

You could simply download MS Backup for Outlook and sve it to your spare HD.
click here

  rawprawn 18:45 04 Jun 06

Doh! should read the thread more thoroughly, but it's still agood idea.

  jz 22:50 04 Jun 06

Does copying over the Outlook.pst file also copy over your email accounts? If not, is there a way to do this? It's such a pain to re-create them, especially if you have several accounts.

I'd like to know how to do this in Outlook and in Outlook Express.

  GroupFC 08:58 05 Jun 06

"Does copying over the Outlook.pst file also copy over your email accounts?" - I don't think so.

In OE this is the way I do it:- Tools>accounts>select account and export. You then have a dialogue box and can select an appropriate place to save the resulting .iaf file. You will have to repeat this for each account.

I don't use Outlook for mail but I have just had a quick look and I think there is a similar option (this is in Outlook 2000). Tools>Options>mail delivery>accounts select account and export.


  PAE 14:31 05 Jun 06

Thanks for the information. I have tried Export/Import in the past but was unable to open the files when I re-imported them. Hence my query. I've looked at the .pst files and I have 6 in total. The next question is, which ones do I need to copy over? 3 are dated in January of this year and the other 3 have today's date on them and are presumably the ones to copy (I have 3 different accounts). Before I do I would like to look inside them. Is there any way of doing this?


  Taff™ 15:20 05 Jun 06

I`m sure Powerless`s method will work but Why don`t you just use the Microsoft Files & Transfer Settings Wizard. If you choose the Advanced options you can select exactly what you want to back up and restore. Not just Outlook but also all your data files as well as connection settings. The resultant files can be quite big so you may need an external HDD.

  jz 23:44 06 Jun 06

Thanks GroupFC for your tip.

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