Outlook 2003 Nickname cache

  Chris the Ancient 18:29 02 Apr 07

I would like to remove one name and modify another name in my Outlook Nickname and Autocomplete cache. One is a name that is not in my address book and the other one (that needs modifying) is.

I've found the appropriate .nk2 file, but not worked out which programme to open it in or how to edit it.

All MS can offer is a complete delete (and subsequent gradual rebuild) of the file. I would rather avoid that, if possible.

Any ideas?


  Chris the Ancient 18:36 02 Apr 07

I've managed the delete!

Just need help on the modify.


  Chris the Ancient 15:11 03 Apr 07


  Woolwell 18:51 03 Apr 07

Suggest you delete the one that needs modifying and then it will update when you you the correct name.
click here

  Chris the Ancient 20:08 03 Apr 07

That does seem the only way ahead - and I set it to do that before I went out. Now I shall just have to wait and see if it sorts itself out.

Would have been nice to find a way of modifying the file, though.


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