Outlook 2003 help Greyed out icons

  cliff100 12:45 27 Nov 08

Hi can someone give me some advice, I have just received my PC back from MESH and everything was working fine. I had set up my emails and checked connections and everything is down as fine, for the first few days I could send/receive emails. Now I have noticed I am still receiving emails but when I want to send an email or reply to one
all the buttons are greyed out. e.g
new email , reply , forward. Has any one got any advice.
Thanks Cliff

  Rahere 12:59 27 Nov 08

Check your Outlook hasn't loaded more than once...press Ctrl Alt and Del keys at the same time to bring up task manager, look down the list for multiple instances of Outlook and close all but one.

Do you have any outlook plugins installed? eg av scanner, spam blockers etc this somwtimes slows outlook starting and shutting down

  cliff100 13:03 27 Nov 08

Hi thanks for the quick reply, I am not at home at present but I do not have any extra plugins installed.


  Rahere 13:30 27 Nov 08

check when you get home if Outlook is stalling on load this could be the problem

  cliff100 20:10 27 Nov 08

I am now home and have checked and only one outlook is running. When I started it it received emails ok but straight away greyed out all buttons to send. I am not sure how to check if outlook has stalled on start up. Can you explain.



  Woolwell 20:26 27 Nov 08

Is the rest of Office 2003 working ok?
It could be that you haven't activated Office after receiving your PC back from Mesh.

  recap 20:29 27 Nov 08

As you have just received your PC back from a repair, has your copy of Outlook been activated?

  cliff100 20:34 27 Nov 08

Hi I re loaded office onto my PC as they replaced almost everything. I activated my version of office 2003 and the emails was working fine. I did not activate outlook as I thought it was all connected.


  cliff100 20:37 27 Nov 08

I have clicked on activate product and nothing happens. I have also done the detect and repair button and it states outlook has been checked and is ok. I looked in the disabled menus section and nothing has been disabled. ?

I am lost any other ideas.


  Woolwell 20:44 27 Nov 08

When I click on my activate button I get a window come up saying that the product is already activated.
Do you get anything about the licence when you click on about Microsoft Outlook?
Are there greyed out menu options on other office programs?

  recap 20:51 27 Nov 08

You could phone and activate your copy just to be on the safe side.

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