Outlook 2003

  Tricky 3003 17:56 08 Jun 05

Anyone know how I dial a number, when I pick up my phone?

Could someone give me a simple run down of how to please


  boot-it-out 06:54 09 Jun 05

Sorry - couldn't resist this :

When you pick up the phone, and get a dialling tone, press the keypad in sequence for each digit of the telephone number you want to dial - this should accomplish what you have asked.

If your phone is an older type : Stick your finger in the dialling hole corresponding to each digit of the number you want to dial and rotate clockwise to the stop. Let go and when the dial has returned to its start position repeat in sequence for the remaining digits.

.... but I guess that isn;t what you meant ???

  pauldonovan 11:17 09 Jun 05

..but he does mention Outlook 2003 in his post so it is fair to say he wants to dial from outlook!

I think you basically need to make sure both your PC Modem (it needs to have one) and your phone are connected to the same line. Then you can just right-click on a contact and select "Call Contact".

  BRYNIT 12:12 09 Jun 05

Open outlook press F1 this will bring up outlook help type in make telephone call.

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