Outlook 2000 / Exchange Server - Sharing Calendar

  Evolution 12:32 21 May 03


Could somebody please advise how I can configure the calendar in Outlook 2000 (across Exchange server) to enable users on our NT network to edit and view the same one as everybody else.

Many thanks,


  stupidhead 13:23 21 May 03

Greetings.....hope this helps...

when you look at Outlook 2000, on the left there are the shortcuts...right click the calendar, and select the properties, from there select the permissions tab, and add your users, with whatever permissions...

I make all our users "Publishing Authors"...

Seems to work fine...Enjoy....

  Evolution 15:08 21 May 03


Thanks for the tip.

Unfotunately after following your instructions I cannot see the Permissions tab.

All I have is:

Home Page

Any ideas?



  stupidhead 13:10 22 May 03

Sorry.....was so keen to answer your answer your question, I'd forgotten I'm running Outlook 2002 and not 2000...that is probably why you cant do it...

However, I did look around, and that seems to be the only way....view the outlook bar, right click the calendar icon, and away you go...

Maybe someone else can throw some light on this?...

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