outbox search

  nunu 12 17:03 11 Jan 12

where is the outbox on my windows vista pc.

  Woolwell 17:09 11 Jan 12

That will depend on what e-mail client that you are using.

  nunu 12 17:16 11 Jan 12


  Woolwell 18:02 11 Jan 12

Please confirm that you are using webmail ie sending and receiving e-mails through your browser.

  Woolwell 18:08 11 Jan 12

If you are using Gmail through your browser then there isn't an outbox but your sent e-mails will be in the sent mail folder which should be listed on the left. They will not be on your computer.

  nunu 12 18:09 11 Jan 12

you may have guessed, i am a complete novice,browser i don't know, all i do is go to Google search and type in goggle mail

  Woolwell 18:26 11 Jan 12

You are using webmail probably using Internet Explorer.

Why do you want to find the outbox?

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