Out of Line Printing

  steviegee 08:35 13 May 08

I am trying to print labels but they won't print straight. The nearer the bottom of the page the more they overlap the label above! I am on a works PC with the printer connected directly to the PC through USB. Would it be something to do with there being a network cable connected. I tried printing at home with the same printer with no problems. Any ideas?

  jack 08:44 13 May 08

If you are printing direct Computer to Printer the network interface would not I think come into the equation
Specify the the work printer/computer set up and the home computer/printer setup.

  steviegee 08:55 13 May 08

In what way do you mean? Both are USB connections and running on XP.

  jolorna 09:06 13 May 08

make sure you have the latest avery software on the computer as i had the same problem before updating it

  jack 09:13 13 May 08

Work Printer and Home printer - Both Same?
Check to as mentioned the Avery Version

  Joe R 09:19 13 May 08


looks to me like the problem, is more likely to be with the printers alignment software, rather than anything to do with the network.

Is it possible that the basic drivers, are the only software installed on the works machine?

  steviegee 09:24 13 May 08

yes I think the works PC has just the basics. It only has Service Pack 1 on it....obviously I can't go messing about with it too much but what can I do!!

  steviegee 09:28 13 May 08

The office suite is 2003 by the way with no extra word suites on anything loaded.

  Joe R 09:39 13 May 08


when printing on my own machine (Epson R220), when I click the print button, there is a pop-up boxwhich has a properties and alignment button, which allows for the image to be printed, to be moved, left, right and/or up and down.

I'm sure this is a standard for most, if not all printers.

  jack 13:54 13 May 08

This is the one giving misalignment I think you said.
I suspect it is not so much computer or printer software but a feed problem especially if the printer is getting on a bit.
The rollers lose traction/grip and feed the paper more slowly- This can be especially true with HP models with their convoluted paper path

  steviegee 15:04 13 May 08

3 different printers do the same thing here at work thats why I thought it might have something to do with the network although it is connected locally.

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