'Out of Frequency' display error

  steved 16:27 13 Jan 04

I thought my monitor had blown - I turned my PC on and the screen was a mess of static with ocasional glimpses of the XP bootup screen. Tried borrowing a different monitor before I splashed out on a new one, and found that it does the same thing.

The replacement monitor gives it's own error message however, which says:
Out of Frequency
HF 21.2 khz
VF 26.0 hz
Operating Frequency
HF 30-70 khz
VF 50-160 hz

I presume this is a graphics card fault? (It's an Inno3D Geforce 4 MX)I've tried reseating the graphics card, and I can't adjust any settings because the problem occurs as soon as the PC is turned on. Help!


  bremner 16:33 13 Jan 04

You need to boot into safe mode and then adjust the resolution and refresh rates downwards.

If you do not know how to get into safe mode tell us your operating system.

  AndySD 16:33 13 Jan 04

Check to see if the fan is running on the card. I had this problem and they supplied a new fan free in 5 days.

  steved 16:40 13 Jan 04

I'm using winXP - but can't boot into safe mode as I can't see the screen! It's not just fuzzy, it's completely impossible to read...

  steved 16:43 13 Jan 04

...the ard's fan is running okay though

  Diodorus Siculus 17:04 13 Jan 04

After starting the PC, continually press F8 and you may get into safemode.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:04 13 Jan 04

I mean, you may get the option to boot into safemode along with other options.

  steved 19:08 13 Jan 04

I can get into safe mode by pressing F8, but can't even read the options as the static is so bad and the screen keeps flashing on and off!

  bremner 19:32 13 Jan 04

It would seem to be a defective graphics card, or defective lead.

Are you able to change them to detect which if either is at fault.

  steved 09:21 14 Jan 04

Got it - after much clicking around on an almost unreadable display eventually managed to reinstall the graphics card drivers, which has cured it. Thanks anyway!

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