Out of focus photos ?

  geoff47 23:19 PM 10 Aug 11

I wonder if there is an application to help out for this problem ? My daughter's 21st photographs are ALL out of focus and she is heart broken. Have tried photoshop without success.

Anyone ? Pleadingly please.

  Colonel Graham 23:23 PM 10 Aug 11
  eedcam 05:41 AM 11 Aug 11

You might lok at this have not used it myself link text.http://www.focusmagic.com/index.htm

  BT 09:06 AM 11 Aug 11

Not a solution but you should be asking WHY?

Its unusual for a modern digital camera to have this problem.

Is there a smear on the lens?

Some cameras put out an invisible infrared beam to focus, some a short red flash. If you obstruct this with a finger or something the camera won't lock focus.

  Diemmess 09:19 AM 11 Aug 11

Sorry for your daughter's distress. It is possible to tweak things a little as in "enhanced" forensic pictures say from CCTV but the result is subjective and in most cases hardly worth the effort.

Adding to BT's suggestion, it could be that at the 21st, someone strange to the camera in the excitement of the event simply jabbed the button instead of slowly does it and so not give time for the camera to lock its focus. This would be easy to do on an older /cheaper camera.

  geoff47 11:46 AM 11 Aug 11

It is unbelievable I know, modern cameras are idiot proof. I thought it may have been a greasy finger on the lens, problem being we cannot go back in time and re-stage the events. Thanks for the help.......you all know it is MY fault if I cant find a solution although I never took any of the photos.


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