Oulook Express 6 & XP user accounts

  ZEUSII 13:50 17 Jan 03
  ZEUSII 13:50 17 Jan 03

Hope all you good good people can help with this one.

My PC runs XPHome with OE6. I have 2 user accounts and a userID with freeserve. I have set up 2 different e-mail address', one for each user account. Here's the interesting bit, which ever user account i log into first in OE6 i will have messeges for both accounts even tho in the accounts set up i have only specified information for 1 e-mail address per account. The only factor that it duplicated in each account is the user ID eg XYZ.freeserve.com, the individual address is different in each account. I'm pulling my hair out!! (don't know if it helps but i'm running McA antivirus & Quick Clean):: thanksinadvance

  ZEUSII 15:35 17 Jan 03

....should have mentioned my posting that I have also created messege rules : e-mails with certain 'To addressess' sent to certain folders (again 1 folder per acccount) If i open account#1, e-mails for that account go straight to the folder (as per rules) but an e-mail for say user account#2 shows also up in the account#1 inbox. It sounds as if it might be a freeserve thing, maybe i should take out a loan and phone thier helpline...... lol

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