OS choice for my netbook?

  ykzn 14:25 19 May 12

Hi everyone, I was thinking, "Should I install windows 7 on my netbook?".

My netbook is a samsung NP-ND10, with 1.6GHz Intel Atom, 1GB DDR2 and 160GB HDD. Can it run windows 7? I mean, of course, I have already checked the microsoft's official website for minimum requirements. But I want to know if anyone has actually installed win 7 on a netbook with the same or similar specs as mine. If yes, which version of win 7 should I choose? Ultimate? Home premium? etc, etc..

Ok, all suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance!

  rdave13 15:13 19 May 12

I've got the same cpu on my netbook and running XP. I've doubled the ram and it's quite fast. I don't know how the cpu would handle 7 but you would definitely have to upgrade the ram to 2GB for it to run 7 I think.

  Input Overload 09:42 20 May 12

Windows 7 if you turn the bells & whistles off will run on anything XP will & uses less resources than Vista. If you up your RAM which is pretty cheap it should be OK.

  birdface 10:08 20 May 12

Windows 8 should be coming shortly just in case you want to wait for that.

  Zeppelyn 13:41 20 May 12

Windows 8 has the same requirements as Windows 7, whether its worth the wait is another matter, some love it, some hate it.

My advice, add another 1Gb ram and go for Windows 7 Home Premium.

  Ian in Northampton 13:42 20 May 12

My daughter had an Acer netbook with 1GB and Windows 7. It ran like a 3-legged dog - would keep freezing. Other daughter had an Asus netbook with 1GB and XP - ran like a dream. I upgraded the Acer to 2GB - pretty traumatic, but satisfying (other makes are said to be easier) and now it runs well. Conclusion? With only 1GB, stick with XP. If you want to run W7, you'll need 2GB. Oh, and I'd stick with Premium (unless you need the functionality of Ultimate) as my guess is that Ultimate is even more of a resource hog.

  ykzn 18:05 28 May 12

Thanks to everyone who gave me nice suggestions!

Now I will upgrade my netbook RAM to 2GB and will install and use windows 7 before windows 8 actually comes out.

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