original, v2, v3 ....... of wi-fi products

  keewaa 12:26 07 Mar 06

Looking through Netgear's site and the wi-fi product they offer, there is usally 3 or 4 versions of a product and within each version several firmware updates.

I'm curious about the versions themselves indicated by v2 v3 etc. The WG311 for example
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has original in 2003, v2 in 2004 and v3 in 2005 and they all look as if they are made differently.

I would assume the later versions should perform better with latest technology , but when I go to look at them in on-line shops they naver seem to have the version and usually seem to be the original versions.

Does anyone know if there is a difference is performance between the versions of any particular product (NOT firmware changes), and any shops that allow you to pick the version you are purchasing?


  Danoh 13:04 07 Mar 06

Its probably a safe assumption that later versions add functionality are to remain competitive in the industry (firmware changes tend to aim at fixing operational issues).

Whether that functionality is aimed at performance or other aspects is obviously down to each model and each manufacturer.

Personally I have come across specific models where a newer version turned out to be a retro-grade step as corners were cut for lower production costs.

It has always been useful to find a knowledgeable vendor who is happy to discuss these matters and make recommendations. Inevitably they are not the cheapest but I am happy to give them my custom following such service. And they in turn can see that I am an existing customer and thereby remain willing to answer my queries ~ a virtuous circle? :-)

  keewaa 19:24 08 Mar 06

Thanks Danoh. I guess newer isn't always better.

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