order tracking after buying on ebay?

  second best 21:02 25 Oct 04

hi,i have a tracking number, buti'm unaware of what to do to track it down. can you help please?

  rômanab 21:15 25 Oct 04

I didn't know there was any on ebay as it's a private sale. You'll probably have to contact the seller to find out delivery status.

  second best 21:17 25 Oct 04

thanks, but i actually have the number, i just dont know what to do with it.

  Daxsimus 21:21 25 Oct 04

If it was posted by royal mail you can track the parcel on line at their website.
Hope it works.

  rômanab 21:25 25 Oct 04

Where did you get your tracking number from? I've never seen one! only an item number.

  second best 21:30 25 Oct 04

i just recieved an official invoice for items purchased, and a little message from the seller telling me he has sent the parcel recorded air delivery and gave me atracking number. i have jsut sent himn an email asking how to track it. royal mail is coming up with 'unable to track this item, check the number and try again.

  rômanab 21:40 25 Oct 04

My apologies, I thought you meant an ebay tracking number not a royal mail one :o)

  second best 21:51 25 Oct 04

no, sorry, i have no idea what it is. i suspect it is an air parcel mail thingy, but i dont know. however, i can take between 2 and ten day i think just to arrive in this country, and it wont be put into the royal mail database until it is delivered to them, in this coutry i assume.

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