Orange/Freeserve - Webmail

  STREETWORK 22:08 28 Feb 11

Anyone else having problems trying to get into Oragnce webmail?

I have notices loads more spam comming through recently, could this be something to do with it?...

  bretsky 23:20 28 Feb 11

Yep, just been trying for about 10 minutes now -no joy.

Spam in my junk folder is approx 125-150 a day and thats been like that for about 6 weeks now.

bretsky ;0(

  Belatucadrus 00:26 01 Mar 11

Keeps saying I've entered the wrong e-mail or code which is complete rot as the same data works fine on OE.

  Jamali 16:59 01 Mar 11

since early last week I have been unable to access my freeserve e-mails as Orange say the account is 'currently unavailable'. They won't talk to me as my late husband was the primary account holder, now they've told me they can't transfer it to my name. Is there any alternative route by which I can access these e-mails??

  Woolwell 17:07 01 Mar 11

Webmail ok here.


I assume that you now have your own broadband account. However you should still be able to access the old account if you have the correct password.

I think that you need to speak to Orange again and explain your personal circumstances.

  STREETWORK 18:22 01 Mar 11

Got into it today about 15:00. Loads and loads of junk mail.

Jamali, call them, explain the situation and if they do not play ball, tell them you will transfer to an alternate provider. Bingo...

  Batch 19:08 01 Mar 11

I have a couple of orange webmail accounts (old accounts). Can log in and access these fine by starting from as the URL in the address bar.

I also have an dial-up email account that is still active and working fine (both the dial-up connection and the email access).

  BJCM 06:17 07 Mar 11

Orange have updated their member centre and for the last two weeks it has been impossible to go to the centre and restore any dial up accounts that have not been accessed for more than 219 days. I have been calling and emailing every day and am getting nowhere. Anyone else had the same experience and solved it?

  Batch 19:04 07 Mar 11

Thanks for the heads-up BCJM.

As it happens I have a diarised action to dial-in to my freeserve (fsnet) account every 90 days just to (try to) ensure it stays active.

I also do the same with my onetel and tiscali accounts although I don't believe that either of those (both now part of talktalk) apply the same sort of cut-off policy.

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