Orange Siemens router issue!

  gazmix 05:59 13 Feb 11


I'm not sure if there's a current outage problem with orange but the dsl & online lighet keep going out on my siemens router!
Things running slow etc!

Last time this happened, i realised it was the router was worn out, a new one sorted it!

Is there test to see if my router is working ok?, or should i just call Orange & get a new one! Maybe an outage prob i dunno!!

  johndrew 10:34 13 Feb 11

I'm on Wanadoo (Orange) and all appears fine. Could be a local problem, but if you have another router/modem you could try it.

  gazmix 00:25 14 Feb 11

Open View/BT have been in the area, all seems ok now!! So many numbers for Orange, would just be nice to speak to someone who can speak English!!

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