Orange PDA WEP problems

  wonderwill 17:08 29 Jan 07

I have an Orange SPV M2000 and am trying to set up a wireless connection with my Netgear router. It is fine when WEP is switched off, it picks up all unprotected wireless signals in the area including mine. When I put 64 bit WEP encryption on I cannot connect. I have tried all combination of settings?

  skidzy 18:49 29 Jan 07

You are putting the same WEP key into the router and the PDA ?
Apologies for stating the obvious,but easily missed.

  TomG 18:55 29 Jan 07

are both set to 64bit? I think there is also a 120 bit option on netgears

  skidzy 18:07 30 Jan 07

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Yes I am putting the correct WEP key in to the PDA.

Try changing the routers channel number via the configuration page.

  TomG 18:40 30 Jan 07

If both netgear and the pda are on the same channel and sharing the same wep key and security level (in your case 64 bit) it should work. One thing to check have you entered the wep key in both exactly the same (its case sensative)?

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