orange livebox problems

  User-1342989 20:36 06 Mar 09


Hopefully someone can help me.
My orange Livebox is p***ing me off. Im trying to get my xbox360 to connect to it, but my WEP key wont work(the one tht came with it), and instead is telling me my livebox has actually got a WAP/WPA key, possibly because someone changed it.
I dont know it, so obviously it wont connect. Iv read about being able to change it by putting IP address into browswer, however it asks for a username and password, i dont know that either.
Basically im buggered lol, but hopefully there will be a miracle way of sorting this.
Please help, thank you.

  User-1342989 20:43 06 Mar 09

Thank you.

  MAJ 20:45 06 Mar 09

The wpa key will be in the livebox's configuration page under Wireless Security (or similar). To get to the config page, type into your browser:

and press Enter. The default Username and Password are both "admin" (without the quotes).

  User-1342989 20:53 06 Mar 09

ok, so i managed to change my WEP key, however! My Xbox360 still wont connect to it. Im going to bloody kick it in a minute lol. Im so clueless its untrue! Please help someone. . .

  MAJ 20:58 06 Mar 09

Does any of this click here help?

  User-1342989 20:59 06 Mar 09

ok, il try this, thank you again.

  MAJ 21:02 06 Mar 09

or this. click here

  User-1342989 21:07 06 Mar 09

yay! it worked. thank you. Thank goodness for that. lol.

  MAJ 21:12 06 Mar 09

Happy to help, natkyo.

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