Orange Livebox

  camey 18:38 17 Jun 08

Hello and thanks for reading.
At the moment I am on Orange broadband and am using a Netgear DG834PN modem/router, I am having internet connection problems and Orange will not give any support because of the modem/router I'm using, my question is if I get a Orange Livebox does it only do wireless connections to other PC's, laptops in the house or/and does it have any network ports so I can hardwire other PC's, laptops (the house is to long and has thick walls so wireless doesn't work)?.
Thanks John.

  Pineman100 19:23 17 Jun 08

I once helped someone to set up his Orange Livebox, and on that one there was definitely at least one Ethernet port (I think there might have been more than one, but can't remember for certain).

  L8-tian 20:01 17 Jun 08

Hi Camey,
orange live box contain one network port.

Please check the below link,
click here;jsessionid=A7BE1B6F2D805F3C7F0CC985BECF637E?resultType=5002&docProp=$solution_id&groupId=1&directSolutionLink=3&gotoLink=0&page=&clusterName=DefaultCluster&docType=1006&docPropValue=kb14497

Also check the link below,
click here

I hope this helps you :-)

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