Orange default sim code

  jagx400 09:25 20 Aug 05

Not PC related, but just got a new Orange phone and want to set the sim lock, but nowhere can i find the default sim code, does anyone know it please, I tried 0000 and 1111 only one go left

  Jackcoms 09:58 20 Aug 05

It is USUALLY 1111.

But have you looked in the instruction manual?

That will tell you.

  lindyloo4 10:31 20 Aug 05

Are you sure you haven't been sold a secondhand phone? Orange preset the default security codes to 1111. It would appear yours has already been changed if you have already tried 1111.

  ACOLYTE 12:31 20 Aug 05

If you lock it get on to orange for the puk code
you only need the one puk as its locked to that phone so once you have it you can unlock the phone as much as you like.It may also be worth checking the phone manual somtimes its not the code on the sim but the phone that needs changing.

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