Is Orange Broadband going slow?

  Duncanf 15:01 15 Oct 06

I posted a thread yesterday about my PC taking an age to load any page from the Internet and got a number of helpful comments. Is Orange Broadband going as slow today or do I have a specific problem on my PC? Pages are taking over a minute to load, even the PC Advisor Helproom whereas two days ago they were loading instantaneously. Sorry to come back, but at least I'll find out if it's only me! I'm not aware of doing or adding anything to the PC that would change things. Thanks again in anticipation. XP Pro, Orange Broadband, 1Gb RAM

  anskyber 15:06 15 Oct 06

Not an Orange user but this site is working very quickly at the moment. Orange users can now compare.

  Reet 15:32 15 Oct 06

My Orange conection has been slow since last wednesday. I thought at fist it was my computer, but two laptops and a desktop would not all break up at the same time would they? I think Orange must be responsible. Hope they fix it soon

  Duncanf 15:34 15 Oct 06

Thanks for your reply, anskyber. I think I've a problem here because it's taking ages to even refresh a PC Advisor page. I don't understand what's causing things to slow up but I'll have to try and find an answer. Haven't had any response from Orange users to compare their findings at present. Thanks again.

  Duncanf 15:37 15 Oct 06

Thanks, Reet. That's about the same time I noticed it so it may be them!

  bretsky 15:45 15 Oct 06

No I'm fine here and has been for ages, although just a minute ago it did drop the line, 1st time in months, PCA home page takes 5 secs to load.

On XP Home Ed, B/B speed 8.1mbps through a speedtouch 330 adsl modem, Surrey UK.

bretsky ;0)

  VCR97 19:20 15 Oct 06

Orange OK here in N.W. Derbyshire.

  Jak_1 20:36 15 Oct 06

Orange ok here in Manchester

  Johnnie_M 20:40 15 Oct 06

If it helps, I know Hamilton, Scotland has a slight problem with Orange broadband at the moment, even going down completely last week.

  Duncanf 23:33 16 Oct 06

Thanks, bretsky, VCR97, Jak_1 and Johnnie_M.
Sorry I've been offline for a bit. Still slow here in Fife, East Scotland so as Johnnie_M says it may be a Scottish thing!
Thanks anyway for all your replies. If it is my system I don't know what I've done!

  kauwi 00:04 17 Oct 06

Orange working here in fife no probs. Do a virus check and spyware/malware check to make sure everything ok. Broadband wiz a wee bit dodgy on friday and saturday night though, Orange homepage would not appear. Back to normal now

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