Up or Downloading files too big to email

  Lightman 06 Feb 13

I have a situation where I need to contact photographers to ask them to send me copies of their original Camera Raw files, these files are each likely to be anything from 10 - 25 Mb in size and may not be limited to single files (Max 4). As these files are being asked for to prove the (questionable) authenticity of the pictures there is a likelihood that the photographer is going to be reluctant to comply with my request if the task is anything other than simple. Is there a system, besides Dropbox, that I could use to allow the photographer to upload the image/s and me download them that is easy to use, especially as one problem that I am likely to encounter is a lack of English at the other end.

  chub_tor 06 Feb 13

You could sign up for Yousendit Lite Click Here which allows you to send files up to 100Mb. Not used it personally as I use Dropbox.

  xox101 06 Feb 13

Google Drive

  chub_tor 07 Feb 13

For a comparison of various cloud sites and the maximum you can get for free Click Here

  Lightman 09 Feb 13

From the advice above it seems that Dropbox is as good as any of them. The other problem I thought I might have was that of the uploading instructions at the other end, would they appear on screen in English or in the photographers native language (in this instance Taiwanese). I have emailed Dropbox Support with the question.


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