optimizer tools good or bad

  mark3986 02:14 18 Sep 09

hi are windows optimizer tools any good on your computer do they actually speed your computer up or just bog them down if so which are the best free ones to use

  ened 06:21 18 Sep 09

I don't use them and have no problem with speed.

These days even an entry level computer is fast enough for the average everyday user.

  cocteau48 06:56 18 Sep 09

Two popular programs - WinASO and ASC (Advancevd System Care)both have optimization features and with about 50% of the optimized items list they contradict each other entirely....what one does the other wants to undo and vice-versa.

Enough said methinks!

  birdface 09:38 18 Sep 09

Well I use Winaso and if my computer is running slower than normall I use it and it usually speeds my computer up a fair bit.I suppose if you use it with other registry cleaners you may get a bit of a conflict.But you don't need any other registry cleaners if you are using Winaso as it is far better than most others.
I would recommend it and have used it for about 3 years with no problems.It does an automatic back up and various other things so well worth giving it a go.
The free version will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.

  mark3986 18:02 18 Sep 09

which one buteman cause theres winASO registry Optimizer,Disk Cleaner,Easy Tweak.

  birdface 18:18 18 Sep 09

Winaso Optimizer.

  mark3986 18:21 18 Sep 09

its a trail software mate

  birdface 18:24 18 Sep 09

Trial or free it is the same.Works as a free one.

  DieSse 19:03 18 Sep 09

".....which are the best free ones to use"

I use Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner, both free, and I've used them without problems for well over a year. I use the standard Windows defragmenter (very occasionally).

Disk Cleaners are very benign, normally - and just get rid of left over files.

Registry Cleaners are arguably more problematical - they should always let you (or preferably force you) to make registry backups, as corrupt registries are possible, and can vary from slight issues to disastrous.

Defragging is highly overrated IMO, and the windows one is fine. A normal system should only rarely need defragging.

A good look through your drive with explorer is a good idea too - deleting unwanted stuff - but only if you know what you're deleting, and don't make rash assumptions.

  DieSse 19:07 18 Sep 09

PS I've got a pretty old now P4 2.4GHZ system with 1GB dual channel RAM. Very mundane by today's standards. The last time I did a re-install of XP was over 6 years ago.

It still runs at least as well as it's always run, just a bit longer to start than it used to be (but I've got more on it at startup time, so no surprise there).

  DieSse 19:08 18 Sep 09

I use Disk Cleaner should read Wise Disk Cleaner.

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