Optical mouse problem

  STREETWORK 19:56 26 Jan 03

I have a cellink CK-6000 optical mouse and keyboard. Problem is that when I click the mouse button the screen flickers. If working in one window with another open next to it (sad ain't I) the idle window flickers as well as the desk top. Running windows XP on a new system. Anyone have a fix for this or is it normal. Other mouse works fine by the way...

  Old PC man 20:26 26 Jan 03

Have you installed the software for the new mouse??

Is your other mouse a bog standard PS/2?

  STREETWORK 22:03 26 Jan 03

The software is installed. Setup did its business, its a cordless optical mouse, should have mentioned that it was cordless...

  Old PC man 22:17 26 Jan 03

If your mouse has 2 frequency settings, try using the other one. Otherwise look for cables,connectors close to the receiver module.

Do you get any interference on audio when you click. i.e. sound from your speakers simultaneous with button click?

Is it all buttons or only right/left/wheel?

  STREETWORK 22:41 26 Jan 03

Thanks Old PC man
only one frequency as far as I can tell, All cables are good, no interference on speakers and only the left button seems affected by this.

I have uninstalled and reinstaled the software (drivers), tis an annoying problem...

  Old PC man 11:34 27 Jan 03

I think you're gonna have to try your mouse on another machine. I reckon it may be dodgy. Try it on another machine and if it does the same then take it back for exchange. If its OK then we'll have to think of something else.

John /#)

  Justabitbaffled 11:43 27 Jan 03

I had problems recently with a cordless mouse; Internet Explorer started firing up new windows quicker than I could close them; the solution? Change the batteries in the mouse!

Worked a treat

Good luck

  Cordy13 12:13 27 Jan 03

Sounds like radio frequency interference, my mobile phone causes the same type of interference when it is 'handshaking'. Try re-positioning the mouse radio receiver unit away from the monitor.

  Old PC man 13:20 28 Jan 03

You've ticked the resolved box. How did you sort it?

There are others that may be glad of a clue in case it happens to someone else.


John /#)

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