Optical mouse battery life?

  spider9 12:02 10 Oct 04

Got a Logitech optical mouse, and am very impressed with cordless use!
But after 3 weeks the batteries 'died'. Is this about normal?
Obviously it is on 24/7 as there appears to be no on/off switch - seems wasteful of battery life, but it would be a bit of a nuisance removing a battery each time it wasn't being used.

  bhocip 12:18 10 Oct 04

Hi Spider 9,
Not a great deal of use to you, but a few observations.
Did find the same trouble, suggested they looked into putting some sort of gravity or mercury switch into the mouse. It could then die or switch off when turned on to its back. Did have a play with a drop down switch underneath; but didn't get anywhere!.
I am now using a rechargeable one, keep forgetting to park it when finishing though. A bit of firmware to tell you to park?.

  Dorsai 12:24 10 Oct 04

My corless mouse lasts 3-4 days beofre going flat. Uses two AAA size batteries. At work we have ones with AA batteries. They go about 2 weeks.

Mine shuts it light off if untouched for a short while. a click on any button wakes it back up.

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  hssutton 12:49 10 Oct 04

I use the logitec cordless mouse. As I do a great deal of photo editing, the mouse gets a great deal of use (can't remember all the keyboard shortcuts). The batteries last me approx 4 weeks, but I do use rechargable Ni-MH AAs rated at 2000MaH.

  spider9 12:59 10 Oct 04

Thanks folks, just needed reassuring it was a 'normal' battery life.
I had already started charging up the re-chargeables, fortunately sizes are same as my digi camera ones, so I have plenty!

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