Optical drive question

  skell 15:37 13 Apr 04


Im putting together a gameing machine and will probably never have the need to use DVD on the system.

my question is would i be best to just buy a new cd rom and install that into the system then have an external cd rw for backing up.

Ive been looking at new optical drives and many are now dvd rw= rw- and so on... all i want to do is read the disc to load games.

I have a second computer so thought maybe i could in the future have an external dvd rw blah blah for use between the two.

any veiws on this most welcome


  Stuartli 16:08 13 Apr 04

Rewriters are best kept for their main purpose i.e burning disks.

They are not the most robust of devices reliability and longevity wise, so using a standalone CD-ROM drive will maximise its life span.

  skell 18:36 13 Apr 04

Ok thx

and for backing up files do you suggest an external cd rw or one fitted. I have usb2 connections thought i could put them to use but not sure how good the external drives are.

  Stuartli 10:39 14 Apr 04

I always think that an internal drive is far neater and more practical that an external one, unless you wish to use the latter on another system elsewhere as well.

Internal drives also, normally, come with higher write and rewrite speeds as well as being considerably cheaper.

A top brand internal CD-RW drive can be yours these days from around £20-£25.

  skell 15:22 14 Apr 04

I think il go with a CD ROM and CD-RW fitted and wait till the DVD RWers improve and drop in price.
Guess il save money this way too.

Off to do some shopping

thanks again stuarti.

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