Opinion's on Microsoft Security Essentials?.

  spuds 08 Jun 12

Just seeking people's opinions on Microsoft Security Essentials, and whether this product is as good as Microsoft claims?.

Previously on all the computer's I have used, it as always been the case of using product's like Avast or SuperAntiSpyware as a defence from possible outside upsets.

Microsoft firewall's have not always had a top slot, perhaps like other product's. ZoneAlarm being perhaps one of the higher recommendations in the past. Does Microsoft use a firewall in Microsoft Essentials, and if so, what is the opinion on that?.

  Woolwell 08 Jun 12

MSE is good but recent reviews put Avast above it. It does not include a firewall.

  john bunyan 08 Jun 12

Although I use Avira (free) , the good thing about MSE is that it updates regularly and seems it is quite reliable. I use the windows 7 own firewall now I have it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08 Jun 12

MSE + windows own firewall (Vista or W7 not XP) is an adequate real time antivirus protection.

Back it up with the free version of Malwarebytes and or SAS for a weekly scan

with Spywareblaster as a blocker and something to filter the spam from your e-mails and your protected well enough.

  KRONOS the First 08 Jun 12

I have used MSE for a while now with Windows firewall,seems fine.

  tigertop2 08 Jun 12

No question about it for me-MSE is well up with the best of the free offers and most of the purchased software too. I have used it for two years now with secondary back up programmes like Malwarebytes , Spybot and Rapport. AVG is good but slow on scans. I take the view that getting PC security right would be something that Microsoft consider essential and that they cannot afford to fall behind on.

I suspect that, as I read it is now the second most popular security software in use worldwide, it must be doing something right!

  buteman 08 Jun 12

Not that keen on it but have used it in the past.

If it was any good Microsoft would be selling it not giving it away free.

Don't like the Anti-Spyware part of it as it reacts to other security programs especially on XP.

I always had to turn that off when I was using XP.

Don't know if it has changed it's download habit of downloading with Windows updates.

Not sure if you can remove those updates now but you could not when it first came out.

I would say a middle of the road Anti-Virus it's ok but not great.

I would place it in the same category as Windows Defender not something I would want on this computer.

It does not have a Firewall with it but if you are using W/7 that firewall is ok to use.

  spuds 08 Jun 12

So the general feeling is that 'it does the job', and not another one of the programs that Microsoft like to introduce from time to time,perhaps as a bait for something further along the line!.

  buteman 08 Jun 12


Its fine as long as you have a decent Anti-Malware program to use along with it.

My old theory is any Anti-Virus program as long as you have one pay for Anti_Malware program that gives you full time protection.


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