an opinion on a dropped BB line......please

  Magik ®© 19:37 04 Jul 05

hi, just wondered if i could have the above, the BB connection drops at 5 minute intervals, reconnects then almost to the second,5 minutes later, it drops again...this goes on for a few hours...... if you had to guess one way or the other.........

is it the adsl wireless router or is it BT..


  stalion 20:05 04 Jul 05

I would get BT to check your line first

  Magik ®© 20:07 04 Jul 05

they came a week ago, and on that morning the line held, so they could find no fault..

  stalion 20:10 04 Jul 05

click on the icon in your taskbar when connected go to properties,options and make sure the idle time is set to never disconnect

  Magik ®© 20:17 04 Jul 05

I can not find anything like that :-(

  stalion 20:26 04 Jul 05

have you got a television screen icon in your taskbar when connected to the internet?

  Magik ®© 20:29 04 Jul 05

yes, when i click it there are 4 things..

disable, status, repair, view available networks, and, open network connections

  stalion 20:31 04 Jul 05

have a look in each one to see if there is time factor for disconnection there

  badgermansix 20:39 04 Jul 05

I had serious disconnections when first on BB.despite BT running new cables from the telegraph pole to the house and three engineers calling at different times (an excellent free service) it still continued.
The last engineer suggested that although it was a pain in the $%^&, I move the PC downstairs to the main telephone junction box into the house, and remove everything else.
We then found that I had a fault in an internal line to one of my other four phones, remote from the PC telephone line. after isoltaing that faulty line and getting cordless phones throughout, I have had no more disconnections.

BT were excellent

Moral? first check all of your lines by elimination.

  Magik ®© 20:50 04 Jul 05

stalion...I am going to look and find some information on the router...

badgermansix....thanks....I have moved the modem downstairs, taken the face plate off the master socket and plugged it into the internal socket.

i am beginning to think, after 4 weeks, that it is something at this end.....only a matter of time before it is found..even if it means changing the router...which by the way is a BTvoyager 2000 adsl wireless router....

  wee eddie 20:53 04 Jul 05

Do you have a Cordless (DECT) phone system in the house.

Some of these systems really muck up BB connections.

If you have, unplug the Base Station and see what happens

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