Operating Systems

1.Is it possible to use 1 operating system on several pc's? Is this legal?

2.If you have an Operating system integrated into a Maxtor hardrive in a system that you bought in a package. Can you later put a faster Raptor hardrive in and copy windows XP from one hardrive to another? Is this legal?

I'm confused, do you have to buy a seperate OS for each system? Can you switch which Hardrive in a single system is using said OS?

  Gongoozler 10:56 31 Jan 05

Hi Wormwood. The terms of your Operating System licence almost certainly says you can only have it installed on only one computer at any time, so the answer to your questions are 1) No this is not legal. 2) Yes you can transfer the operating system from one hard drive to another.

You can switch hard drives as much as you like. You will have to reactivate Windows XP only if you make major changes to the PC. I think something like a moherboard change would come into that category, I don't know about a hard drive change.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:57 31 Jan 05

[quote]Is it possible to use 1 operating system on several pc's? Is this legal?[/quote] Yes, if you are using Linux; no if Microsoft.

Copying from one disk to another? Yes, can be done.

Generally speaking, one OS, one machine. If OEM, then the OS stays with that machine always.

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