Operating System Not Found Windows 2000

  the_face 12:57 06 Dec 07

Hi guys,

I'm worried. I have a computer that's been lying on its side doing nothing for a few months.

I had used it on and off to access a few files I needed over the last couple of weeks.

I plugged it in and went to use it again this morning, but it won't start up and run Windows 2000.

I pressed F12 to troubleshoot and it said "Operating System Not Found".

The hard disk is a Maxtor 120GB that I bought in 2005.

I can't understand what has caused this fault.

  ventanas 13:57 06 Dec 07

Hard drive failure

Boot record gone

Bios not detecting hard drive

are three possibles.

You could try the hard drive in another machine or caddy to see if it is ok.

Check bios settings in case anything has changed, or try to fix the mbr, if this is the cause.

  the_face 14:23 06 Dec 07

Hi Ventanas, thanks for this.

I will try the hard drive in another machine.

What is the mbr, by the way?

  ventanas 15:27 06 Dec 07

mbr = master boot record

  ventanas 15:29 06 Dec 07
  ventanas 15:32 06 Dec 07

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