An Opera installation question

  BigRik 19:21 29 Dec 05


After a bit of research, I quite like the look of the Opera browser. Can anyone tell me though, during installation, will it go into all user accounts (on this family PC, we have 3)?

If not, is it easy enough to set up to do so once its installed?

Thanks for any help.

  handy4x 19:44 29 Dec 05

it not allways installs an icon on all users but it is in program files and is simple enough to crate a shortcut. set up any way opera is great you wont regret it

  hzhzhz 19:53 29 Dec 05

Remember that there are loads of different themes to download. Im using Shadowgaurd. Its black and uncluttered.

  hzhzhz 19:55 29 Dec 05

Unlike Mozilla you can change the colour of the different themes.

  Simsy 08:21 30 Dec 05

but I only have the one user on my machine...

However, I'm pretty sure, (if my memory serves me correctly), that when installing you are asked if you want installation to be for all users or not.

I presume that if you chose just the current user it will not be available for the others unless it is also installed when they are the user.



  BigRik 17:11 30 Dec 05

Hi all.

Thanks for all your replies. Sorry I've taken so long to respond.

Opera's now up and running on all 3 accounts. Simsy, your memory serves you well as it does ask during installation how you want it installed.

hzhzhz, I've not had a chance to play yet (the kids are driving me nuts!) but I'm looking forward to it.

handy4x, I certainly don't regret it. It's so much faster than IE6!

Thanks again for your comments, and a Happy New Year to you all.

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