Opera does not save

  Dirk-174067 11:42 30 Apr 05

I changed my browser from Internet Explorer to Opera. When accessing web sites I make a habit of saving these pages for later reference. However, in Opera’s case I have a problem when I save a page with “saving as” as a HTML document. Only the single icon is saved with no corresponding folder with a similar name containing the icon’s files like in Internet Explorer or Netscape. The result is that I only have part of the file saved. Rolling Eyes When I save a file with the “save with images as” option the page get perfectly displayed again, but I now have numerous icons in one folder with no separate folder containing the files. You can imagine my frustration with the number of icons I’m stuck with after having saved a hundred or so web pages at a time. In the case of Internet Explorer you will find that the file may be save as “Web Page, complete”; “Web Archive, single file”; “Web page, HTML only” or “Text file”. In Opera one does not have these options. Can you perhaps help!

  Pesala 16:29 30 Apr 05

This feature has been requested a few times in the wish list forum click here= but it is not available yet. Just create a new folder for each web page before you save it.

Better still, highlight the text that interests you on the page, right-click, and select "copy to note." You can return to that page later by double clicking on the note that you have made.

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