Opera 9.01 Released

  Pesala 11:51 02 Aug 06

click here

Changelogs when they're available: click here

  john-232317 14:32 02 Aug 06

Cheers mate, will it just download over version 9 ?

  Wuggy 15:05 02 Aug 06

It gives you the option to clean install or to upgrade over the top of previous version.

  rdave13 15:24 02 Aug 06


  J B 15:51 02 Aug 06

Went in as sweet as a nut, thanks. J.B.

  john-232317 17:47 02 Aug 06

Cheers wuggy ;-)

  Pesala 18:24 02 Aug 06

If you're thinking Opera 9 has a lot of bugs, that's because there have been a lot of changes since version 8.54.

Changes from 8.54 to 9.0 click here

Changes from 9.0 to 9.01 click here

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