Opera 7.52 available

  Pesala 22:31 06 Jul 04
  VoG II 22:37 06 Jul 04

Sorry Pesala but I prefer Firefox click here

  canard 22:44 06 Jul 04

Any one know why this is only 3.49mb and prev version was in the region of 12MB?

  TomJerry 22:56 06 Jul 04

without java 3.4mb, with jave 12 mb

  Quiller. 22:57 06 Jul 04

I think the previous version came in two flavours.

With java

and with out java.

The biggest being the one with java.

  Pesala 22:57 06 Jul 04

No need to download Java again if you already have it.

Official release will be on the download page before long.

I've never tried Firefox. No reason to dislike it, but can't imagine it will let me type Unicode aiuAIU easily.

  TomJerry 22:58 06 Jul 04

On Opera's web site, I only found 7.51

Where you get info about 7.52?

  Quiller. 22:58 06 Jul 04

Slow typist here.lol

  Pesala 23:02 06 Jul 04

usually find the first release on the ftp server before the download page gets updated. I just happened to notice it, so passed on the news.

Firefox or Opera users can enjoy this click here

  Quiller. 23:06 06 Jul 04

Pesala link took me straight to 7.52, downloaded and installed. Do you have 7.51 installed?

Pesala, while you are here. I downloaded the Aspell-en-50-2-3 spell check for opera and it's a no go. When I right click the text it asks me to download again. Any clues?

  Pesala 23:10 06 Jul 04

Did you download and install one?

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