Opera 7

  ZnO 10:10 14 Jun 03

How do you incorporate sounds into the browser' Tried downloading from various websites but with no look suggestions would be appreciated.

  Pesala 17:43 14 Jun 03

Preferences (Alter P), Sounds, Check Box "Enable Program Sounds" and also browse to select a sound file for each event that you wish to associate with a sound. And, last but not least, turn on your speakers. (~_~)

  ZnO 18:18 14 Jun 03

"and also browse to select a sound file" Ok still no sounds am i looking in the right place .

  hugh-265156 18:20 14 Jun 03

click browse and select a sound from


  powerless 18:24 14 Jun 03


  ZnO 18:26 14 Jun 03

Thank you !

  Pesala 20:12 14 Jun 03

Please tick the box.

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