Opera 11.60

  mailithepigeon 09:12 AM 07 Mar 12

For some reason the Opera browser won't do anything. I tried to open it by double-clicking, right click+'open', from the start menu with no success; it just makes a sound. The curious thing here is that both Chrome and IE run just fine. I tried upgrading Opera, but it won't let me do that either, nor will it let me uninstall it. Does anyone have any idea what might be wrong? I'm using Windows 7, if that helps.

  Miké 09:30 AM 07 Mar 12

More info needed about any errors reported when trying to 'Upgrade or uninstall' please.

However my first thought is to start in safe mode, and uninstall Opera from there.

  mailithepigeon 09:42 AM 07 Mar 12

@Miké Basically, when I try to uninstall it (from control panel, right click, ''uninastall''), it makes the noise and that's it. It just won't respond. I tried downloading Opera again from Chrome, and a dialog box came up, saying something along the lines of ''You've already got Opera, so we'll upgrade it. By clicking 'Accept and Upgrade' you agree with the terms, etc.'' But there was no response when I clicked 'Accept and Upgrade'. the buttons for 'options' and 'cancel' worked fine.


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