opening a window on windows

  Alfredo 10:33 21 Feb 08

when i open a new window (internet etc ) it always opens reduced and i need to maximise every time , is there anything i can do to ensure that new windows will open fully ?? it gets a bit boring having to do it every time............. alfredo

  anskyber 10:59 21 Feb 08

The usual trick is to close the maximised window (only needs this once) by choosing file, close. rather than closing it with the red cross or allowing the system to do so on close down.

  MAJ 11:26 21 Feb 08

Usually if you drag the window to the size you like, then close it, Windows will remember the size it was when it was closed and open future windows that size.

If you want to open IE maximised, then right-click on the IE icon on the Quicklaunch toolbar, choose Properties > Shortcut tab and in the "Run" field, choose "Maximised" from the dropdown list, click Apply and OK to exit.

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