Opening a Router port

  thumbscrew 05 Mar 12

According to U-Torrent, I need to open a router port as it's being slowed down. I'm wary about meddling too much, can anyone advise. It's a D-Link DSL 2680.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 05 Mar 12


  thumbscrew 05 Mar 12

Thankyou Fruit Bat, seems a tad too involved for little old me, especially with my ham fisted track record! Unless there's a simpler way, I think I'll tolerate the slow downloading speed.

  KRONOS the First 06 Mar 12

Try this, I found it reasonably simple when I did it many years ago or buy the software.Port forward.

  thumbscrew 06 Mar 12

Many thanks Chronos, unsure if it's a freebie or whether there's cash involved. Completely in the dark about the procedure or if there's potential for catastrophe if I persist. After download...what then??

  robin_x 06 Mar 12

Scroll down and Select your router from the list.

An advert page appears, click Skip (top right).

Scroll down for the list of progs/apps you want to open a port for. When you click one, you will get free step by step instructions.

I remember finding it a bit confusing too.

By the way, when you connect to router admin pages (type in your browser bar), have a hunt around for an option to backup/save your router settings. If you ever mess anything up you will be able to restore it.

  thumbscrew 06 Mar 12

Thanks Robin, clear if worryingly convoluted! I'm up to "Forwarding the port". When I do this, is there potential for router damage? I'm unclear what Forwarding refers to...Forwarding to who or where?

  robin_x 06 Mar 12

You won't damage anything.

I won't explain Port Forwarding myself. See the first few links here.

  thumbscrew 06 Mar 12

Thanks Robin.


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