Opening Multiple Windows in Internet Explorer

  Flopper 17:28 11 Feb 06

If I open an internet session using Internet Explorer and minimise it to my TaskBar and then open and then double click any one of my shortcuts to a website the website selected 'takes over' the existing minimised window and 'overwrites' what was open in that window when what I really would like it to do is open in a fresh Internet Explorer window, so the net effect is to have as many Internet Explorer windows open/web sites accessed as I have selected but open seperately in their own window.
is that possible and how do I do it/set it up?

  VoG II 17:35 11 Feb 06

Tools|Intertet Options, Advanced tab. Untick 'Reuse windows for launching shortcuts'.

  Flopper 18:35 11 Feb 06

Thanks. I thought it might be that but I was not sure.

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