Opening Lotus files in XP Office

  hgtyhf 16:18 09 Jan 04

I have three floppies which contain info written in lotus wordpro(lwp)I have tried changing the extensions to doc and opening in word but all i get is scrambled symbols. Is there a way of opening these files without buying Lotus? Thanks

  Bris 18:52 09 Jan 04

If you still have Wordpro load them into it and then use Save As to save them as Word docs. If you dont have Wordpro try loading them into Notepad or Wordpad or any other wordprocessor you have, it may work.

  Wak 20:36 09 Jan 04

Hi, If there is nothing of a personal nature on these files in LWP then I would be willing to convert them for you so that they open in Wordpad or Word, as I still use Lotus.
You could send them as an attachment to an E-mail if you wish.

  hgtyhf 17:34 10 Jan 04

Thanks Bris, but that is what i have been doing but with no luck

  hgtyhf 17:37 10 Jan 04

Thanks for your offer Wak. Are you on broadband as they are over 5mb?

  Wak 22:42 10 Jan 04

Hi, Yes I am on Broadband so E-mail me if you wish.

  Wak 22:49 10 Jan 04

Do you think converting to WORDPAD would be the best??

  DieSse 22:53 10 Jan 04

You can try opning them in Word with the "Recover Text from any File" facility.

You can then often identify the text you want and cut and paste into a new Word document.

  Wak 13:47 12 Jan 04

Have you got it sorted yet??
If not, you can click on the yellow envelope next to my name and e-mail me if you wish to accept the offer.

  Worm of Doom 14:11 12 Jan 04

As an alternative, you could try downloading the SmartSuite viewer from click here , opening the documents in that, then copying and pasting the text into a new Word document.

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