Opening JPG files in Photoshop CS2

  douglas1973 23:05 04 Dec 06

Have a new computer and have installed Photoshop CS2.
When I double click a JPG photo in My Pictures it opens in Windows & Fax Viewer. Photoshop is not in the listed programs when I select "Open With". I therefore browse to Program Files > Adobe Photoshop CS2 and double click "Photoshop.exe" but it does not appear in the "Open With" list. Curiously when I double click "Image Ready" in the Program Files it appears in the list and I am able to open JPG photos in Photoshop CS".
Please help!

  Ptolemy 23:48 04 Dec 06

Unusual to have this problem on a new machine as if has only happened to me when I've removed/reinstalled something.

Try click here or
click here or any other from
click here

  BT 08:38 05 Dec 06

With CS2 running click on BROWSE in the FILE dropdown. Find your JPG and just drag it onto the CS2 desktop.
It works for me.

Alternatively click OPEN in the FILE menu, find your JPG and double click to load into CS2.

  hssutton 09:49 05 Dec 06

This was discussed at length click here
just a few days ago

  hssutton 10:04 05 Dec 06

this is a well known fault when installing PS CS2

  Ptolemy 10:17 05 Dec 06

Odd - I've had CS2 for quite a while and reinstalled it a couple of times in that period without any such issue. Suppose I had to be lucky eventually.

  douglas1973 12:11 05 Dec 06

Brilliant hssutton and the rest of you! Went to the registry and with some hesitation and trepidation removed the default entry as suggested and it worked.
Many thanks.

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