Opening IE8 from favorites slowwwww

  legalrep 08:47 22 Mar 09

Been using IE8 for a few days and seems ok but when I open from taskbar-favorites it takes ages to open up to 15 seconds! If I open from desktop short cut its about 5-6 seconds is anyone else experiencing the same and is there any way to speed open the opening time from the favorites menu?

  sunnystaines 10:08 22 Mar 09

its just some of us get a free portion of treacle i have it too and with opening new tabs.

  legalrep 14:03 22 Mar 09

Once open its ok but the slowness opening is so irritating! Do you think it will be addressed because if not I might just revert back to 7!

  sunnystaines 14:10 22 Mar 09

same here once opened ok till you open a tab

  Graphicool1 16:06 22 Mar 09

I did and look I'm back with good ol'IE7. That caused me a few hiccups initially, but it was nothing compared to the trials and tribulations I got with IE8 and I only had that for one day!

Why make yourselves suffer any more than you need to. Although I didn't try it myself, someone said when he had IE8 installed it also obversely affected the performance of Firefox, something to do with graphics.

Anyway I might have another look in about six months. When MS has has time to recover from the onslaught of verbal stones and arrows from us poor sad sufferers.

  legalrep 18:54 22 Mar 09

I did revert and your right like you I'll take another look in a few months time!

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