Opening an email from unknown sender

  aly-lfc 22:14 13 Dec 08

Hi, by mistake I opened an email which came with the address 'unknown sender' (no subject). I meant to right click & scan but I opened it by mistake - it was blank, should I be concerned?

How can an email be sent with just 'unknown sender' as the address? I am running a complete system scan at the moment.

  octal 22:35 13 Dec 08

The sender isn't unknown, it will be in the headers of the email if you open them. I wouldn't worry too much, there obviously isn't an attachment which you clicked on otherwise you might have been in deep dodo.

  aly-lfc 22:42 13 Dec 08

Oh! that's a relief =0) thanks for the reply. Can I ask why the senders name doesn't appear like on any other email or junk mail?

  aly-lfc 11:57 14 Dec 08

Just to update - I opened the above mentioned email, and when I looked at the email header it said 'unknown [email protected] domain' and the email itself was blank. Since last night there has been another email sent, which I haven't opened, can I put a block on them coming to my inbox?

Thanks, Aly.

  john bunyan 14:39 14 Dec 08

If in Outlook express, Go to Message, delete. Then to Deleted messages then "Message" - "block sender" - confirm you want to delete and block further messages from sender.

  brundle 14:41 14 Dec 08

Get something that actually knows what to do with spam and unwanted emails so you don't have to take any notice of them. click here or click here

  Stuartli 16:56 14 Dec 08

To ensure that you don't Open such e-mails inadvertently, you should PERMANENTLY Disable the Preview Pane in Outlook Express.

By double clicking on an e-mail line you can open the message or use right click>Open.

Any suspicious e-mails you wish to Delete can be done by highlighting the e-mail line and using the Delete button on the Toolbar.

If you wish to check out the e-mail, again highlight it>right click>Properties>Details. To read the message use the Message button.

Any perceived problems, just keep Cancelling and then use the Toolbar's Delete button.

  Technotiger 17:03 14 Dec 08

I NEVER open unknown emails - NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER - do I make myself CLEAR!

Merry Christmas ... wintersucks.wmv ... dunno if this last little bit will work ??

  Technotiger 17:05 14 Dec 08
  Technotiger 17:07 14 Dec 08

Ah well, I thought it was funny anyway .....

  Pineman100 17:33 14 Dec 08

The link didn't work for me, TT.

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