Opening email program

  Bald Eagle 08:59 24 Jan 08

Running Vista basic and when I click on the icon to open the email program it opens in the ?systray? at the screen bottom. I then have to click on this to get the full page. How do I revert to full page immediately?

  xania 09:12 24 Jan 08

DOn;t know about Vista, but normally this feature in XP programs is affected by the way the progeram is set to open. Right click the icon and select the shortcut tab and ensure that it is set to run in <Normal Window> or <Maximised> ad you wish.

  rawprawn 09:21 24 Jan 08

Which Email client are you using, Outlook or Windows Mail?

  Bald Eagle 10:10 24 Jan 08

Using Windows Mail.

  rawprawn 11:47 24 Jan 08

Are you Opening Windows Mail by clicking the Start button , clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail.

  Bald Eagle 13:12 24 Jan 08

No it's on the command bar at the top of the internet page.

  rawprawn 13:37 24 Jan 08

Try it my way and if it works OK put the Icon in the quick Launch. That way you can get to it just as easily as from IE. I don't know about the link in the IE command Bar, I have never used it.I always use Quick Launch.

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