opening an email ??

  Ikelos 19:44 14 Oct 06

Hi all, Just read on another post that if you open an email it will tell the sender that you are active, is that right?, I never open any attachment that i do not know who sent it, but i get reams of emails with a different name at the top, telling me about shares, If i buy them today for a penny each, by tomorrow they will be worth £10000000 each. am i getting so many beacuse i open them........thanks.

  Stuartli 19:49 14 Oct 06

Just delete them.

If you use Outlook Express, DISABLE the Preview Pane permanently; you can then right click on an individual e-mail and safely read the message and also the Message Souce.

If doubtful, OK out and then Delete it using the Toolbar delete button.

Having the Preview Pane enabled means that merely clocking on an e-mail can let any unwanted nasties loose...:-)

  Ikelos 19:52 14 Oct 06

Thanks, i will give it a try...

  bluto1 22:06 14 Oct 06

And if anyone uses Incredimail then right click the message and click Block, then click the Delete icon. DO NOT click Bounce. You`ll only advertise your address

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