Opening "click here" in new window?

  TonyV 19:37 07 Nov 07

Yesterday and today, I have noticed that when I click on a "click here" in this forum, the required page is not opening in a new window. This it always used to do then I could close it and get back to the original thread. Now, what is happening is when I click on a "click here", it tries to open a new window but cancels the original thread window and leaves only the new page from the "click here". The only way I can get back to the PCA site is to reload it. There is no back ward step that is available to me!

Any ideas any one what might cause this little problem and how to correct it? Is it for instance, something to do with th "opening in separate windows" requirement, and if so How do I get it back to what it was?

Windows XP SP2 and IE7.



  mfletch 19:45 07 Nov 07

Hi, Have you tried deleting all your temp Internet file and cookies?

Internet options
Browsing history


  AI33 19:49 07 Nov 07

IE7 > tools > internet options > general > tabs > settings > tick box for open new links " in a new window ".

  TonyV 19:53 07 Nov 07

Yes, I regularly do that and have my browser set to empty the Temporary files every time I close it. Also, I usually check the cookies and keep only those that I recognise as being useful to me and ditch those miscellaneous ones that are constantly popping up. My cookies are kept to an absolute minimum.

Having said that, I think I may have cured the problem by going in to Tools/Internet Options/General/Tab/settings and checking Open links in other programs in a new window.
I think it has worked, but I'll do a few more checks just to make sure.

I'll keep you posted.



  TonyV 19:55 07 Nov 07

Thanks for that. You are too quick!


  TonyV 20:02 07 Nov 07

No, it will only come up in a separate window if I have two tabs open, then when I close the new window, the message comes up do I want to "close tabs" as though IE7 is trying to close. I've now reverted back to the default setting for the Tabs settings and see if maybe anyone else has an answer that may help.



  TonyV 20:18 07 Nov 07

I've now checked the Tabs setting for "The current Tab or Window". At least this way it will open in the window and give me the option of going back via the back button.


  TonyV 11:56 08 Nov 07

The answer was to uninstall IE7 and then re-install it via the IE7 Get it now! page. Everything now appears to be as it was.


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