Opening attachment

  cruiser2 18:33 04 Sep 08

I have been a sent an email with an attachment. When I open the attachment it is in notepad and appears as letters and numbers.
It should appear as a short message confirming information I have inputted on a web site.
How do I open the attachment so that I can view it and print it in the correct format?
Many thanks for any help

  MAT ALAN 18:38 04 Sep 08

First, save such an attachment to any folder you like. Than use Windows Explorer to find out what the extension is. That's the part of the filename behind the last . (like doc in letter.doc). You might have to set an option to show extensions (not hide them) for known file types in Config Panel>Folder options.
Then, in Config Panel>Folder options>Filetyps search that extension, and find out what program is used to open it by default.

  baldydave 18:38 04 Sep 08

What are the three letters at the end of the attached file eg.dat or doc,this determines what program to open attachment with.
look at attached file and let us know what the last three letters are.

  cruiser2 19:09 04 Sep 08

There is no indication like letter.doc
Under the icon for the attachment is "Part 1.2"
When I try to open it there is a window which says "Part 1.2 is a :2 file from mailbox://.
What should Thunderbird do with this file? Open with pubs.exe"
I have tried altering "pubs.exe" but still get the same result.
I can ask the sender for their help but I hope you can solve the problem

  MAT ALAN 19:15 04 Sep 08

without a file extension there is not much we can do BUT i think pubs.exe is related to PUBLISHER if you have this on your PC try and open it with that...

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